About the Works

“Our daily space becomes a place of art”

The works featured on this website represent only a small part of my output over 20 years professional as artist and researcher. My purpose is always to bring art closer to us, into our daily space, so that our lives are art-filled.

Since 2003, creating aesthetic and perceptually-rich spaces has been my core practice, using special colour effects and murals to achieve a “painted space” environment, tailored to meet client requirements and contexts.  However, my colour studies are foundational to developing the mural art  – all my art, really – and I continue to practice this structured exercise as ongoing research practice. This process has also informed the creation of my later digital design work – websites, flyers and other forms of graphical representation of information – as well as non-digital visual artefacts, such as posters, illustrations, etc.

My research focus in visual arts is colour: its theory, nature and effects on our lived experience. I have a vast collection of teaching notes, field notes, sketches, etc which form the bulk of my research studies, some of which can been seen at my old blog; most have not yet digitalized.

Some earlier works are also represented on this site, as well as recent paintings. Media include watercolour, pastels, gouache, pen, charcoal, acrylics, mixed media, varnishes and natural paints, any size and form from miniatures to spacious halls.


Warrah Foyer

These murals represent a body of work from
1997-2006, including 9 major lazure mural commissions
in medical environments and education facilities,
covering over 660 sq.ms, in Belgium, Australia and
New Zealand

Colour Studies

Inner Landscape

A selection of colour studies from 1994-2016.
These studies are the foundation of all my work.
They are a research tool as well as being artworks
in their own right.

Thematic Art




An eclectic collection of works representing different
styles and projects from 1992-2014. They have a strong
illustrative theme, since they relate to literature and art
history course I have taught throughout these years.



The landscape is a recurring theme in my work, so
has its own gallery. Works are imaginative rather
than representational, sometimes based on
observational sketches but transformed in the studio

Ikons Reinterpreted

Angel of Judgement


The ikons were inspired by my course on Byzantine Art
and Sacred Art. They are very small works, usually on
matte and card, using mixed media.